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Snap ... Tap ... Wrap!
vedante™ Super Reflective arm/leg bands for 360 degree visibility in low light conditions. Use for: biking, walking, jogging, dog walking, in night clubs or just for fun. We recommend wearing at least 2-4 Pop Bands to create 360 degree visibility. Can be worn on arms, ankles, wrists, bike handles, baby carriages, back packs ... and more. Click here for a retailer near you or purchase online at Vedante


Vedante Pet Products

Keep your pet safe with vedante's™ AMAZINGLY REFLECTIVE collars and leashes. These spectacular products are more reflective than almost any other pet collar and will alert motorists of your pet. Collars and leashes reflects light so there is no need for batteries that run out or fail. Click here for a retailer near you or purchase online at Vedante

Vedante Leash 6 Foot LeashVedante Leash over shoulder and dogVedante Cat Collars



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